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Should I write Thank You notes to people who brought food after the baby was born?

We've had quite a few people bring food for us since the baby was born. Should I write thank you cards for all the meals?

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Re: Should I write Thank You notes to people who brought food after the baby was born?

  • I am writing thank you cards to everyone who brought us a meal because I really appreciate it. If they have dishes to be returned to them, I add the card to their items. If not, I just mail a card to thank them. We don't always get thanked when we provide meals to others, but I think it's a nice gesture.
  • My friends that brought meals are also super busy with their own babies and young kids, and I know they don't expect a thank you card... but I've been sure to send texts/emails to let them know how much we appreciate everything.
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  • I would definitely have to say yes
  • I would, to show appreciation :)
  • Yes. Meals can be more expensive and time-consuming to prepare than a gift, and it definitely deserves a thank-you!
  • I would for sure!
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  • I am sending out birth announcements in the mail. If they brought food or a gift to the hospital, I add a special note on the back.
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    I would, I consider it a gift.  We wrote personal thank you cards for all gifts from baby shower.  Then for all those who brought meals/gifts after baby was born, we just addressed it on our birth announcement (which we finally just sent out a month after she was born).  We put on the back Thank you all for the love, support, and kind gifts.  We ordered extra just in case some gifts trickle in and I'll just hand or mail them a birth announcement as my thank you card.  We ran out of thank you cards that we bought for the shower. 

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