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Hadley and Grayson are TWO MONTHS OLD! What?!!

These past two months have flown by. I have been looking in just to see the updates on all of your beautiful babies but don't ever have much time anymore to sit around and post! We actually go in the morning for their shots and check up, and I will admit I'm super upset about it already and know I'm gonna cry super hard. Hadley is a chunk and is round and feels like you're picking up a brick, ha! And Grayson is still my little skinny butt and feels like nothing. They love each other so much, and they are amazing to watch! It has already been such an amazing journey with them and I'm so in love!! I hope all of your little beauties are doing wonderful and that you are all loving the mama life!!

Re: Hadley and Grayson are TWO MONTHS OLD! What?!!

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