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birth story (just so I can move on from posting anymore here)

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It looks like I was banned from posting on this site for some reason. I just wanted to update that I had my daughter before accepting the change... it is frustrating.

Kristine Annette
Jan. 26th born at 1:34 am (40 weeks exactly)
8lbs 1oz, 20in
Discharged Wednesday the 28th at
7lbs 9oz
Has gained 1oz and one inch since Friday the 30th.

On the 25th of january I was experiencing contractions. I didn't think they were but that was because I never had them before. The whole day I was complaining because we had gone to the zoo and were walking around a lot. I couldnt even sleep well that morning because of contractions. So around 5 I gave in and called my doctor and she told me to come in to be checked.

What a great decision I was 80% effaced and almost 4 cm dilated. They told me they couldn't quite accept me so I was asked to walk around for an hour. When I got back I was a solid 4cm and they admitted me.

I spent most of the time in pain. I didn't have a birth plan and I was pretty calm so the nurses were laughing at me a lot. I was quite the comedian. I was ok with whatever they suggested and probably joked around way too much for my own good. I was keeping my sanity believe it or not.

Sometime between 4cm and 9 1/2 cm I received piticin (sp?) And an epidural. My parents were called as well (they rushed to the hospital)
I was sitting there pushing on my own cause I felt like the baby's head was already coming out. I said "can you please check me??" It was pretty funny to see her expression. I was fully dilated by that point.
I started to push with a nurse to my right and my man to my left. It was super cool. And I was sometimes annoyed I had to take breaths in between.. however the contractions really helped push her along and the doctor was cutting me down there to move the process along. My boyfriend saw everything. Poor thing. He said that it didnt change how he feels about me lol (not that I cared or was worried)
My dad came in just as the head was poking out and did that whole walking-back-and-out-slowly thing.
As soon as the head was out everything was spilling out like guts in a cartoon (I couldn't see it but I could visualize it in my head with how it felt) . It felt amazing but I was so shocked that I was crying. My man would have cut the cord but wasnt able to because the umbilical cord was wrapped loosely around her head. They showed me baby and I was so freaked out I was poking her cheek and repeating nonsense. During that time i was being stitched up. Thank goodness i couldnt really feel her do that to me. I was so happy and amazed to see her because it didn't feel real.

Despite being a weirdo freak I'm so happy to have given birth. My milk is in and I can breastfeed and pump easily.
I really enjoyed giving birth. Our Lady parts were made to do it. I was amazed for sure. I wouldn't have been able to deal without the medicine but in this society I don't have to feel too bad about that. Plus my boyfriend and I have grown even closer together with the birth of our child. Didn't think it was possible to love him more but I do. Too bad we can't have sexy time for a while cause we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves the 2 days we were home from the hospital.
Baby is doing great. Breathing great despite needing to be in the Nicu... (which really really really sucked)

I really enjoyed my time here on the bump. I'll probably only use it to look up info. It sucks I can't use my actual account to upload this. Thanks for reading! (Unfortunately I can't post pics on mobile) but my kilayla13 account has her pic as my profile.
Thanks again!

Re: birth story (just so I can move on from posting anymore here)

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