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Overweight and first time pregnant

hello all :)

We got our BFP about one week ago, I'm currently about 5 weeks pregnant for the first time ever (due Oct 7). I'm currently overweight (though I exercise regularly with a trainer). I'm terrified at everything I've read, that this will be termed a high risk pregnancy, and that my chance of miscarriage is much higher. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone is going through or has gone through the same. Thanks :)

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    I'm in the same boat. I am 5'5" and 208 lbs. I also work out about 3 times a week. My husband and I started eating more healthy at the beginning of the year in order to conceive and my Dr. placed me on metformin for PCOS. Well, I guess it worked because got a positive test Friday. My menstrual cycles are very irregular, but I think I'm 4 to 5 weeks as well based on the clear blue indicator test. I see my OB 2/12. I'm a nervous wreck as well. Pretty sure my husband is sick of me talking about all that can go wrong. I just want this to work out! When do you see your OB?
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    Hey ladies. I'm also I the same boat ...kinda. I'm too over weight at 214 pre pregnancy and I have diabetes too. I go to see a high risk doctor for a consult 2/25 to assess if it's severe enough to need a specialist. We found out 11 DPO EDD 10/10/15 and I've been a nervous wreck ever since :-( I have a follow up PAP schedule on Friday the 13th :-( following a cervical dysplasia surgery back in October, but I found out they're doing a transvaginal ultra sound that day so kinda excited too.

    But congrats to all of is and here's to a happy and healthy 9 month's! !!!!
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    Mom of 2 healthy girls here, both delivered vaginally and full term. I started both pregnancies at 5'8" and about 185-190 lb. Not ideal, but it worked. I did develop pre-e with my first, which could have been related to my weight. Being overweight doesn't necessarily mean you are doomed to have a high risk pregnancy, or even an uncomfortable pregnancy. I felt much better with my second, because I took the initiative to focus on nutrition and exercise (mostly walking) instead of using pregnancy as an excuse to eat all the things!!!! Regardless, make sure you talk to your OB about your concerns and I'm sure you will get the guidance you need to make sure mom and baby are both as healthy as possible. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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    Hi ladies! I'm feeling the same way! I'm about 5 weeks due October 6th- pre-preg weight was about 260 and that is since about a 25/30 pound loss. I'm trying really hard to continue to be positive but I worry about the same things.
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    Thanks for posting this! I appreciate the opportunity to gain support from people similar to my situation :)
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    Prior to my pregnancy with my son, I was 170. I'm 5'2", so depending who you ask, I was 30-50 lbs over my ideal weight.

    I'm currently around 190.

    I had a pretty healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy with my son till 37 weeks, when I developed pre-eclampsia. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my weight, though I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy. I went crazy eating whatever I wanted, and stopped working out.

    If I were to give any advice it would be to stay active and eat healthy (indulge your cravings in moderation).

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    I am 5'1 and 159Lbs. I am about 30lbs overweight and also extremely worried by all the stuff Im reading. This is my first pregnancy and I hate being this mortified, I am 5w3d today! I am eating healthier, well I think I am! I am walking like 4 times a week at gym but only for 30 min and I plan to go hiking every Saturday! But the doctor never mentioned anything to me about my weight or an unsafe pregnancy. It's just all this stuff I'm reading! Hopefully we will continue to be together through this journey! EDD Oct 3rd!!!
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    I have been overweight with all of my pregnancies, although with DS I was close to goal weight. I've never had pre-e or gestational diabetes from it. It is a little frustrating because I was just getting into a good low-carb groove in January and had lost about 18 lbs when I got my BPF. You aren't supposed to do low-carb while pregnant so I'm just making sure I watch what I eat and not go crazy. Hopefully we will all have happy and healthy pregnancies!

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    I'm with you ladies. I'm 5'9", 195 lbs which is unfortunately the heaviest I've ever been.....great timing! Haha I'm trying to be really healthy now that I'm pregnant. I hope my weight doesn't cause issues.

    Also, this is super vein, but I'm not thrilled about DH seeing my weight at the doctor's appointments.
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    Thanks ladies, it's definitely nice to have some support from people going through the same. My first OB appointment is 1 week from today (2/10) so fingers crossed. Currently I'm about 70lbs overweight but still pretty active and planning on continuing with my exercise routine as it's mostly strength training with low weights and low impact cardio.

    Has anyone's OB recommended maintaining their weight through pregnancy or gaining very little due to a high weight at the start? I've read a bit about some doctors suggesting this
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    I'm very overweight, 270lbs.  I was the same weight when I got pregnant with my daughter.  I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy.   I gained a total of 15lbs (and had lost 30lbs at my 2 week pp checkup), I passed my 1 hour GD test with flying colors, no swelling, no BP issues.  So please do not think that just because you are heavy that you will have issues.  I absolutely loved being pregnant and hope that this baby sticks and I have a repeat experience.  
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