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Breast feeding woes:(.

Little Rogan was born on the 29th of January. My milk started to come in around yesterday morning and by this morning it was fully in. But as of just a few hours hour my breasts have become very hard in places and it's getting hard for him to latch. He has latched amazing from first feeding till now. My mom told me to use cabbage leaves and take a hot shower. Its discouraging because he's had problems with jaundice and he needs my milk.. Any help or suggestions would he appreciated. :(

Re: Breast feeding woes:(.

  • Thanks for the advice! Will definitely try!
  • Take a warm shower, my breasts leak in the shower when they are too full. Also use the c hold mentioned above to help your baby latch. If you have a pump, you can pump just a bit for relief.
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  • I've found that pinching the area around your nipple before they latch works really well (use you index and middle finger to squeeze the areola towards the nipple, then latch along the squished part).
  • Don't use cabbage unless you are FF. It can completely dry up your supply.
  • I agree with the above. I got super engorged the day after my milk came in and was in so much pain. Hubby felt bad so we did a team effort thing - I pumped while he helped massage the extra hard lumpy parts. I just did it for a few mins and so far that was the only time I needed to pump (5 days ago). After that I would just extra massage the area around the nipple before she ate to help soften it. It won't last forever! GL
    Ps - love the name, that's one of my ds names!
  • The "hamburger" method worked for us, you just kinda squish around your nipple like you are holding a hamburger & trying to get it to go in your mouth. I know a few pp mentioned that, but thought this might give a better visual. We battled jaundice as well, heel pricks daily for almost two weeks! Good luck!
  • Everything I tried has already been mentioned. Working on my hold and manual pumping before feeding helped. My LO had jaundice too and it was really hard when feeding wasn't going well since its the only way to make them better! I just wanted to say i hope that hes doing better soon, hang in there ;)
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