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Sunday randoms

it's to early/too late for me to come up with a creative name for the thread! Up pumping and listening to my husband struggle to get Jack to go to sleep. No idea why he's being so difficult to go back down tonight!

We had our date night together which to be honest I was a little hesitant about bc I had so many emotions regarding how little help he had been lately, my mom leaving tomorrow and still holding grudge/nervous about his myrtle beach boys trip in March. I found out he was going over xmas but to avoid fighting this past month really haven't brought it up-seemed like a
Waste of a conversation in my
Opinion since neither of us is going to change our mind on the trip- I think he was selfish to do it but it's booked so what can ya do...
Well anyway he mentioned how he feels like he was much better with dealing with my dd when she was born so I used that to kind of enter the convo about how much he has sucked lately and it actually went really well and it transitioned into discussing the trip and i feel like we
We're able to hit the hard topics right away, solve them (hopefully) and then enjoy the rest of the night.
So we had some wine, good food, then walked down to our favorite bar and had a beer and we were
Home by 830 lol! My mom
Had made cookies and bc 3
Drinks made me drunk I ate all the cookies when everyone went to bed X_X

Re: Sunday randoms

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  • I am so tired. I've been trying to avoid caffeine but tomorrow will definitely require a few cups of coffee. Back to back: church, baby shower, new born pics. Unfortunately no space for a nap. I need to remember that I can't plan as much stuff to do as I used to... At least when LO is only 11 days old.
  • Up nursing DS2. DS1 is lying in his bed saying, "I want water!" and "Wanna get out!" DH just went in there, and I can hear him negotiating with him on the monitor. Hmmm.

    DH and I (both tired and not feeling great) got into a fight last night about diapers. We kind of made up. Maybe we'll make up more later.

    DS1 had a 101.5 fever yesterday, and then DH started getting flu-like symptoms. I felt like that on Friday but thought it was just the mastitis, but maybe I had a virus too. So idk if we'll go to church today if they're sick.
  • Ah yes @ACH831‌ so excited to watch the patriots win tonight :D gonna go peruse Pinterest for some good ideas!
  • Rough night. For the last few nights baby boy has wanted to nurse every hour and a half. And i have to burp him well because he spits up... He hasn't wanted to be put back down so I end up holding him. Well I laid him down to change his diaper and he had a ton of spit up come up and he started gagging .... I picked him up quickly and started sobbing. I woke my husband up. The sleep deprivation is getting to me big time. And I wish I could feed him and lay him back down. I'm now offically terrified to do that. I'm so obsessed with him spitting up and choking and me not hearing him that I not sleeping at all. I held him all nignt when he wasn't wanting to eat and my c section incision is hurting right now. My husband took him out into the family room so I should be sleeping right now. Just feeling lonely in this and hoping the spit up issue doesn't last forever. Wish there was something I could do to combat that.
  • I've been wondering when newborns start to not be so easy. DD was waking 3-4 hours thru the night and I was loving it. I thought we were gonna be great. Well tonight she is waking every 2 hours and has now been up for almost 90 minutes. I guess I should stop wondering when she will start her fussy times too, because then she will probably show me! What week has been the toughest for you so far?
  • @ACH831 [-X :-q

    First of all GO HAWKS! :P I can't wait to put Liam in his Seahawks onesie my SIL made. I'm so excited for this game!

    Anyway, I managed to get 2 hour stretches from Liam last night. Man does he eat, and poop! At least he goes back to sleep right away. (Knocks on wood)

    My boobs are so leaky. I woke up drenched!

    My mom leaves today, and now I'm kinda sad. I hate that she's leaving on these 'bad' terms. Yesterday was much better with her. I'm sad we both missed out of a week of being able to enjoy Liam, together. I love her and wish we were closer.

    @britb618 glad you had a good time last night!

  • My mom just left- I sobbed in her arms....I legitimately have no idea how I would have done these past two weeks without her. We'll be seeing her in one month up at our lake house in lake george but it seems like forever away! On a positive note my husband has already been super helpful this morning and right now he has baby while I pump and lay in bed with dd. we will be okay, I know that...but I will def miss my mommy

    @kmf218‌ hope your nipples heal quickly! That's awesome of your mom

    @labellavida tonight will be fun! Sorry about your mom, at least you guys kinda talked about things but it sucks that she is leaving before you had a chance to really enjoy each other- hugs!

    @MusicFanatic‌ that happens to me all the time- I absolutely hate the feeling and am just happy when I drop the bottle and not the baby!

    @littlefoote hope wyatts congestion clears up, Jack and Mackenzie both have it too...much better to snuggle at home :)
  • DS (5 1/2) has been feeling left out since we brought DD home a week ago. She's 9 days old today and we're going to all go see Paddington this morning before the game. DS was easy at the movies as a newborn, hoping DD is, too...and hoping this helps DS. We've never been homebody's till this past week.
  • Hang in there @Beckydewell‌! Baby is coming soon! :)


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  • I am so ready for DDs sleep to stretch out! At 5 weeks old, she is still sleeping for 1.5-2 hours most times, with the odd 3 hours block (usually starts before I get to bed, so I don't even get the 3). 
    She is also pretty fussy in the evenings, crying a lot until she can finally relax and sleep. YAWN

    Her pooping schedule went from 3-6 times a day, to no poo for the past 2 days... that is probably not helping her sleep at all.
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  • Little Man slept for 4.5 hours last night! Happy day! But then at 4.30ish he was ready to be up for the day. I was not.

    I started laying piano at church again this morning. Seeing DH hold Little Man during the service was adorable, but I was sad I couldn't be the one to hold him or at least be near DH for most of the service.

    DH now has to work during the superbowl. I'm a little disappointed. One of his employees mysteriously called in sick, so now is just me, baby, dog, and two teams I don't want to see win. I'm rooting for the commercials.
  • Had a rough night last night. LO woke up at 8 for a feeding, which is normal, but then refused to go back to sleep until after 2 am! H and I were both at our wit's end just trying to figure out why she was crying. I feed her whenever she cries, which is starting to take is toll on me. She then falls asleep, but as soon as we lay her down in her bassinet, she starts fussing. Just high pitched crying. I ended up nursing her until we both fell asleep and I slept sitting up in bed. I woke up an hour later and put her to bed. She wakes up every 2 to 2.5 hours to eat. I'm missing long stretches of sleep.

    On another note, I need to call my Dr. My bleeding is starting to get progressively worse. I'm starting to pass clots, but they are small. H is frustrated because I know I need to call, but don't want to today. I don't want to miss the Super Bowl. You know, priorities.
    GO HAWKS!!!!

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    January '15 January Siggy Challenge: Newborn/Baby Fails

  • I can't get over the shark costumes from the halftime show. I think they were so freaking cute!

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    January '15 January Siggy Challenge: Newborn/Baby Fails

  • 1. Sorry I still haven't posted my much awaited birth story.  I swear I am not just trying to build up suspense but mom, dad or STBX have all been hanging around and I feel guilty being online when someone else is doing my dishes or laundry.

    2.  I ended up in the ER on Wednesday night at 1 am.  I had a bad crying day and my mom stayed late and listened to me talk and cry about the state of my marriage.  Then she left for the night and I was all alone with all 3 littles.  Boys were put to bed and I was nursing the baby.  Five year old runs to the bathroom and vomits.  I go try to help him feel better, shower him, re-dress him, strip his bed, re-make his bed and tuck him back in, get all his sheets and jammies in the washer, then I immediately have to run and vomit.  I call my mom and tell her we are sick, but okay, I don't need her to come back.

    As soon as I get off the phone, I start seeing stars, call right back and tell her I'm about to black out, get here NOW!  Thank God baby is safely in her pack and play, but she is crying and I have a chain, deadlock, and the regular lock all locked on the outside door for the night, so mom won't be able to get in the house when she gets there.  I start to make my way through the house to unlock the door and also yell to my five year old to come unlock the door because I'm not sure I'm going to make it.  I only make it halfway through the house, to the dining room, before I black out, bang against a counter, and fall on the kitchen floor.

    When I can eventually get back up again, I head for the other bathroom that is closer because now I have diarrhea.  I black out again sitting on the toilet and I'm so so scared.  I have my eyes wide open for a long time but can only see black and can hear the baby crying in the background but she sounds so far away and my ears are ringing.  The boys are both up now and worried about me, the two year old is patting my leg saying "Mommy hurt".  I can't move and all three of these little ones need me.

    Thank God my mom and dad live next door so she gets there quickly!  My dad follows and they call my aunt to come hold Syd while mom calls the doctor's emergency line and they tell her to take me to the ER for fluids.  ER doctor decides that I'm very dehydrated from nursing and vomiting etc. and that infection that I had before having the baby never went away because there is still fluid on my ear.  They never even gave me an IV, just sent me home with zofran, an antibiotic, and instructions to drink lots and lots of Gatorade.

    My mom stayed the rest of the night, taking care of the baby and my five year old who continues to vomit all night.  Since the baby had formula all night and I was so dehydrated, I almost completely lost my milk in one night and have been drinking ALL the Gatorade and water trying to get it back.  But, at this point, even though my supply is getting back up there, I am seriously considering switching to formula so I don't end up in this situation again and it would be a lot easier when it's me vs. 3 kids.  I must've fallen funny on my left hand because my middle finger hurts and the top of my hand is swollen.

    3. I have lost all my baby weight plus, I actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant with my first.  My pinky ring won't stay on my finger and falls off every morning in the shower.  And, I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans today.  Obviously some of that is water weight that I need back, though.  The find-out-your-husband-is-cheating and pass-out-of-dehydration diets are not the best way to lose weight.
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  • kmf218 said:

    OMFG!!! Why would you throw the ball??? Isn't that football 101 on what NOT to do when the game is on the line!!! @-) X_X

    This was my frustration in last year's NFC Championship game. Niners had a fresh set of downs and three time outs yet they chose to throw it to the end zone. Sigh...
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  • Wow, @nah82‌, what a horrible and scary experience! I'm glad that you were able to call your mom, and that she could get there so quickly! And, thank goodness the doctors were able to figure out what's going on, and that you're feeling better. Take care of yourself, momma!
  • @nah82‌ Hope you start feeling better soon. That sounds horrific. So glad you had someone close to come help.
  • I don't want to jinx anything, but Little Man is asleep in his cradle next to the bed. He's not in the bed or on one of us or fussing to be in one of those locations. This is a miracle for us.
  • Omg @nah82 I can't imagine how scary that must have been! I'm so glad you're doing better! Sending lots of good vibes your way :)

  • @nah82 I'm so sorry you have had such horrible luck and been sick on top of everything else :( I really hope things take a turn for the positive for you. Please take care of yourself and don't stress how you feed baby, as long as she's fed she will be fine! Will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers
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