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Water broke??

hey ladies, so all day I've been feeling weird sensations. Kept going to the bathroom and it was discharge. Well I was sitting on the couch and looked at my husband, I told him either I just peed myself or my water just broke.. My water broke with my first and I remember telling him and the nurse the same thing! But it was a trickle but a good amount before I could get to the bathroom. I don't know what to think? I know I didn't have to pee, so I'm really thinking my water just broke. I still have no contractions tho. Should I wait it out a little while longer and see what comes about? I was due yesterday, so I am full term!!

Re: Water broke??

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    I am probably an exception because DS2 was born 2 hours after my water broke. I would call your doctor and finish packing your hospital bag if you haven't already. Good luck!

    ETA: When mine broke I wasn't sure either, but I got back in bed for 10 minutes and then stood up, and it was pretty obvious at that point that it wasn't just pee or discharge.
  • I called my doctor and they want me to come in to the hospital and get checked out.. I've had to change my underwater 3 times since I posted this. It's like a mixture of liquid and something Brown but doesn't look like more of my plug so I'm really confused about that and of course that started after I talked to the doctor! I'm starting to feel a little discomfort in my back and lower belly. So I'm hoping this is it! I'd hate to find a babysitter for my daughter then get sent home! We live 2 hours each way from family!
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    Good luck! If its your water, I hope you have a safe and speedy delivery.
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