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Dry skin

What are moms doing about dry skin? Pediatrician said to just leave it be, it will take care of itself or use olive oil. I was leaving it alone but it's getting worse especially on forehead ears and side of trunk. What are your thoughts?

Re: Dry skin

  • How often are you bathing lo?
  • He's 10 days old today, we've only given him 2 real good sponge baths.
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  • I was using Aquaphor and I was seeing an improvement.  My doctor said to leave it alone, it's hard to watch it get worst again.


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  • For scalp use a cradle cap brush and olive oil ...
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  • We bathe every 2-3 days and am just using a little Johnson n Johnson baby lotion n that works great so far for the little bit of scaly-ness my LO has... GL :-)
  • I've always given my babies a full body massage with coconut oil after their baths, and it seems to help with the dry skin. DD's went away within maybe a week and a half of birth (after one bath & coconut oil rub).
  • I'm glad someone started this. I was wondering the same thing with my LO's dry skin.
  • I use coconut oil on diaper rash and to spot moisturize (hands and feet when they look dry). I breastfeed and also use it on my nipples. After a bath (about twice a week if there are no diaper changing malfunctions) I give him a full body massage with sweet almond oil. Pediatricians in the US tend to not have much to say about it because so few people use it, but it's used extensively in France (where I grew up - my mom used it on me and my siblings when we were infants), and it's a lighter oil than coconut, which is why I like it.

    I much prefer natural oils to any lotions, which all have so many ingredients.
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