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Thrush anyone?

I have been trying my best to continue to bf what little I am producing along with supplementing with formula. I had to start doing so in the hospital because DD was slightly jaundice. Now I think I may have thrush. I am in so much pain for about an hour after I nurse. I tried to take LO to her pedi yesterday to get checked (I see no visual symptoms on either of us, just the severe breast/nipple pain), but they can't see her till Monday. I was going to start cutting back on bf'ing anyway, because she still drinks 4 oz after each feeding, so I don't feel like it's worth it to continue bf'ing, especially with the pain. I was planning to bf at least twice a day for the next week or so to gradually stop, but I don't know if I can take the pain! But until I find out for sure if I have thrush, should I not bf? I don't want to be in pain from abruptly stopping bf'ing either...even though I don't do it very often anyway. Help!!!
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