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  • Could be reflux? I'm watching LSo for the same thing.
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  • Never thought sleeping 3 hours at a time would feel so restful.

    Supposedly we are going to get a winter storm tomorrow and my parents are driving here today for the weekend to meet DD3. All winter when they have forecasted snow we haven't had anything so for my parents traveling I hope it fizzles out like previous storms.
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  • @tgadarmo1 I'm 40.1 today.
    This baby is very comfortable where she is.
  • 40.4 today. Feeling like she's never coming. But new development is a sharp pain in right above where my hip and thigh meet. Maybe it's a sign?! Or maybe an overdue pregnant lady's wishful thinking?!?
  • Bought a sleep sheep (but an owl) yesterday and trying it out. So far, great success! Morning nap: acheived.
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    So Zoey was nursing yesterday and I felt a sharp pain which wasn't much different than I usually feel, but when she spit out my nipple a piece of it was hanging off. X_X
    For someone with no teeth she can certainly do a lot of damage! My poor nipple :(

  • Hello all! Been kinda scarce lurking again. Hope everyone is doing well.
    Congrats to all with outside babies!
    And hang in there you ladies that are still pregnant!!!
    Lili slept for 6 hours straight whoop!!
    We got some gas drops for her agrees days of fussy baby, an they are a life saver!! On the instructions it says we can mix them with her bottle? I never did that with DD1, does anyone have experience with that and did it work any differently?
  • Congrats on all of the beautiful new babies!

    After giving birth on the 4th only to have LO stay in the NICU from the 9th to the 19th for severe jaundice & then an infection and then have him re-admitted to the PICU on the 25th because he had pyloric stenosis & needed surgery has been quite stressful. I'm so glad he's home now & I hope to not step foot into another hospital for a long, long time.

    Hope everyone has been doing well & has a great weekend!
  • @rayna912‌ so sorry to hear you've had a rough time lately- glad your out of the hospital now and hoping you stay out!

    @MusicFanatic‌ hoping you feel better soon!!!

    @Mrs_Bennett‌ totally agree on getting snowed in this week! It's my dhs last week before he goes back and after this week if we get snow he is a cop so will prob be ordered in for doubles which means I'm stuck home alone for extended periods of time in bad weather with two under two! Yuck! So I'll enjoy snow this week and then I'd like it to be spring so I don't have to stress that!
  • Nope. Right there with you. It just means that Liam is growing up to fast already!
    This month was so exciting!

  • ACH831 said:

    Is it weird that I'm actually a little sad that today is the last day of January 2015? It feels like there was so much magic surrounding this particular month for so long...for me anyway.

    I didn't even realize that until I read your post. I forget the date when I'm not at work. DH's birthday is Feb 4 - I'd better get to work on his present!
  • All of us fell asleep on the couches for a couple hours last night. Then we played the fussy/feed me game until 4am. After that, DS slept for a good 4 hours without either of us holding him. Lately, the only way we have been getting long streches of sleep is one of us sleeps with DS. I really didn't want to get into that habit but sleep felt soooo good. However, today DS is deciding to cry when we put him down. Probably time to bust out the Moby so we can get some housework done.

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  • Glad to hear you are feeling better @MusicFanatic‌!
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    @heidih21‌ completely had a "Duh" moment after reading your response lol I didn't even think about using a shield. I'll definitely pick some up and see if it helps. I've been pushing out a little colostrum and rubbing them down with it every couple hours and then using lanolin. Hopefully they will heal within the next couple days. I have a meeting with a lactation specialist on Tuesday and I really don't want to have to cancel because they haven't healed enough.

    Edit: I posted it before I even wrote anything...I need a nap

  • H just left to go grocery shopping and pick up lunch. He's making chili tomorrow for Super Bowl, which is amazing of him to do. He is not a cook, by any stretch of the imagination, so for him to attempt something new is awesome.
    We finally had a talk last night, but I don't really feel any better. He wanted me to get things of my mind so I finally told him what had been bothering me for some time about his health. All he kept saying was he "has a plan" and to "have a lot of faith" in him, but he refuses to tell me the plan! It's like he wants me to be the open book, but refuses to be one himself. Just frustrating.
    He is being a very helpful husband and doting father, so I really can't complain too much. We are waiting until LO is at least 3 weeks old to introduce her to a bottle. Then he will get up for feedings in the middle of the night. Can't wait!

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