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Team green turned pink!

I've been so excited these past few weeks for my chance to post in the birth announcements. So I typed everything up and pressed "post", and the only thing that showed up was her name! So I'll do it here. My green baby turned pink yesterday on January 29th at 8:13am. I was due on the 26th and being my second baby, I thought I would have delivered by then. On the 28th I brought my son to the toy store to walk around and hopefully get things moving along. Well it worked! At 11:30am I started getting mild contractions in the store, so I paid for some toys, and drove home. I put DS down for a nap, and I got lucky because he slept for 4 hours, so I was able to focus solely on moving around and breathing. My contractions were never regular and were only in the front of my abdomen, so I was unsure of what I should be doing, but I called the doctor and they had me come in at 8:30pm. At that point I was 5cm so they admitted me. I got an epidural about an hour after being admitted and my husband and I rested until around 6am when they broke my water. I started pushing around 8am and she was out at 8:13. It was beautiful and uneventful. She was put on my chest right away and everyone cheered when my husband announced that she was a girl. The entire experience was amazing since the only thing we had to compare it to was my first birth with HELLP and a 38 hour induction. She looks exactly like my son when he was born. We are all so excited and I can't wait to be home. Here is Snow Margaret :).
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