Scar tissue and breastfeeding

Hi! This may be a bit premature, but I have a question. My DD is 15 months and was EBF until 3 months when I switched to EP due to bad latch and severe nipple trauma despite working with LC. My DH and I are getting ready for #2 and I'm wondering if it's possible to BF again even though each nipple is about 50% scar tissue. Any experience, input? I'd really love to have things work out better. Thanks!

Re: Scar tissue and breastfeeding

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    Thanks AmyG*! I'm hopeful things go better next time.
  • AmyG* said:
    moms who have had nipple trauma can usually breastfeed without issue.  moms who have had their nipples removed and put back on during breast reduction surgery can usually nurse as well with enough time your body rebuilds things pretty well.  We have in our breasts about 9 ducts each with their own opening and it is doubtful that any of the are permanently closed up
    That is actually not true. You can breast feed after many types of breast reduction, but if you have a free-nipple reduction where the nipple is removed and then put back on as a graft, the ducts do not regrow.

    I defer to @AmyG* in pretty much all areas of breastfeeding, but breast reductions happen to be my area of expertise- I just did one yesterday, in fact  ;)
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  • I was fairly flat (36 H) and had a lot if latch issues with DS 1 (now 4), and we nursed for 1 year. But he made my nipples bleed so much that some scar tissue grew around it and made them both stick out like "normal." I'm breastfeeding DS2 (almost 4 months) with NO issues! It's been amazing. Good luck.
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  • Thanks VMRRN23 for your success story. It's very encouraging.
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