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  • Team Blue!
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  • Blue.  

    For awhile early on  I thought he was a girl, then switched to boy, and then decided I really just had no clue.  When I saw he was a boy I was surprised but I think I would have been surprised if he was a she too.

    I'm glad we held out for the surprise, it was really fun finding out when he was born.
    After 8 yrs of ttc little one is due Jan. 28

    Big brother is excited to meet this little one!

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  • We were positive she was a boy, mainly because the ultrasound tech said 'he' accidentally, then tried to over-cover it up. It was such a great moment to be told' It's a Girl!' Such a surprise.
    Looking forward to meeting our first child in January 2015!
  • I knew almost without a doubt the he was a boy.
  • I thought for sure the blue team would have this by a landslide. Where's everybody at?
  • I had no idea, but all the old wives' tales predicted correctly that she was a girl.
  • Pink, and I was so sure she was a boy the whole time!  So much fun waiting.
    Live like there is no tomorrow..Love like you have never been hurt...
  • Blue! I had a feeling, but didn't want to get dh's hopes up. He was sure he'd be a boy already though, lol
  • This pregnancy was so different than with my daughter, which had most people convinced it was a boy. They were right!

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  • I had no idea. At the very beginning I thought it might be a girl but then wasn't sure. The wedding ring test came out a girl and it was right, we have a beautiful baby girl :)
  • My entire family thought blue the whole time, while hubby and I were both right in the end and got our little bundle of pink :)
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