Suddenly stopped nursing

My 13 month old just got in 4 teeth. She bit me so hard last night that I yelled out and put her down in her crib, and now she refuses to breastfeed. Before this she showed no signs of weaning, and I'd really like to continue to breastfeed. Has anyone dealt with this? Do you have any suggestions? I did talk to a lactation nurse today who had a few suggestions (skin to skin, bath, ect), but I just wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas. 

Re: Suddenly stopped nursing

  • This exact same thing happened to me. It broke my heart to know that I forced her into a nursing strike, so I feel your pain. I tried everything on the list. Our nursing strike lasted 4 days. I stuck to our regular routine and would offer her breast before each feeding. She refused for 4 days. Eventually she did nurse again and we are at 14 months. I would talk to her and tell her that it was ok and that she wasnt going to hurt mommy and that I loved her and I wanted her to nurse. I think they just need to feel the trust again. Good luck and your baby will nurse again!
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