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how often do you have sex

I mean before Ovulating and all month long.. I feel like doing it EOD all month is depleting him.. Once we get to O and we do it every day in the window i don't know what is left.. What do you think?? I was thinking after AF to start on CD 6 and every three days till positive test.. only issue is what if i O right after positive test?? 

Re: how often do you have sex

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    I believe every other day in your fertile window is what is recommended. For us we pretty much do the deed every two to three days all month long except when AF is visiting. Then in my fertile window we do the deed every day. 
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    I can't imagine doing it every other day all month long is depleting his sperm count. In fact, I read that men who do it daily do NOT have a lower sperm count than men who do it every other day. But if I were you, I would not feel obligated to do it every other day all month long. During your less fertile periods, just do it when you want to, for fun. (Imagine that! Recreational sex, as opposed to baby-making sex!) But during the 2-3 day fertile window, I would do it every day, to make sure you "catch" that egg (apparently they're only around for 8-12 hours once you ovulate). That's just my approach. Good luck!
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    yeah, I've heard conflicting things. On the one hand I've heard every other day during fertile period. Then I've also heard every day. Not sure. We don't do too much during non-fertile, just whenever we feel like it-which is such a relief from feeling required to have sex.  But truly your fertile period is the only time when you can make a baby. The issue is knowing when the fertile period is, right? Our schedules are just so different that's it;s been hard to really get that fertile period right.
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    I've heard conflicting things too... sex every other day, sex every day. Pretty much the only thing that I've heard consistently is to not have sex more than once a day.

    We'll BD every other day starting around CD 8, and then every day around FW (usually 6-days depending on when I get my positive OPK.) As soon as the FW closes, we stop until after AF. We've been married almost 15 years. We have demanding careers and we're tired during the week... after having sex every day for almost a week, we're both glad to take a break! I look forward to the day sex can be spontaneous and fun again, but right now it's more of a means to an end.
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    Before working with RE we were recommended to BD every few days leading up to opk + and then for sure the day of positive and two following. Sperm can live a few days so it's ok to have some breaks. We don't have a lifestyle that we can go every other day all month long.

    I had my second day IUI procedure today. Yesterday his count was 15 mil, today was 9. They told me that was a normal amount down and they look for at least 3 mil. We were also told to BD three days before our first procedure and then abstain until first iui collection. I assume that's to keep his count up.

    Not sure if that made sense
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    Interesting. Hope the procedure went well today. So now you wait until you can test... 11 days or so?
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    Stairbear said:

    Interesting. Hope the procedure went well today. So now you wait until you can test... 11 days or so?

    Thank you- it wasn't totally fun but it went as planned :)
    They said I can test 2 weeks following the trigger because a trigger can turn a test positive. So for me that's Feb 11. So. Far. Away.

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    I'm jealous of you guys who get to have all the sex!!!!

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    All welcome

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    H doesnt have a great libido so truthfully I'm doing really well to get every other day for the week leading up to o and then o day and the day after.  this cycle has been wonky abd I'm still not sure I o'd when ff says I did so I've given up on sex until after my next af.
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    Day 9 we make sure its about every 2-3 days then get as we get closer (~ day 12) every day and half-ish until we are comfortable i have o'd (determined by temps). After o its whenever, which isn't very much lately as our lives have been especially hectic and as someone mentioned above the break can be nice after feeling you have to so much. 
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    We try to aim for EOD before ovulation. I would like to do ED, but it is just too difficult with MH's work schedule and libido. We were lucky to do -3 and -1 last cycle. Ideally, I'd love -2, and -1. I don't have much CM on O day.

    After the FW, we usually BD once a week at the most. I have a high libido but, honestly, the FW kind of puts me off sex. It's just too much emotional energy.


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    We've been totally lacking in the sex department. Exhaustion, responsibilities and conflicting work schedules don't help.

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    We try for EOD during the week leading up to O. Then we do it when we feel like it. But with the IUI he's holding out so he could save up...haha
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    We both have high libidos.  We are typically ED to EOD.  At most two day stretch in between during the month.  I don't temp because we do have great timing and I don't want the added stress of temping to make what is ours into a job.
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    lcwedlcwed member
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    I just wanted to chime in that if you have known male fertility issues such as low sperm count, that they recommend every other day or every couple of days.  Aside from that, I don't think there is much difference although sperm quality does decreased the longer is sets in there.  That is from Sperm Meet Egg, they don't recommend going longer than 8 days between sperm release and fewer days during your FW.
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    I have read you should on a regular basis (not necessarily every other day) so that there is always healthy sperm. And then during the fertile week you should do it every other day so there is a high count each time.

    It made sense when I read it but who knows.
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    smd1225smd1225 member
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    We are lucky when we get two good days in
    ... MH talks big the after O about what we will do next month....once the time arrives though excuses abound....I commonly hear "Definately tomorrow"
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    This cycle we plan to & thus far have been bd every other day. Then when I get a +OPK everyday. Good luck ladies
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