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Sex after baby

So I'm not a super crazy person when it comes to sex but I'm tired of only being able to do missionary beause if I try anything else it's very uncomfortable and a bit painful. I'm four months postpartum I just want to know When will things go back to normal.
When were you able to comfortably have sex again?

Re: Sex after baby

  • Have you tried another position? I too was in a lot of pain but got sick of missionary so tried me on top and amazingly enough it didn't hurt since I could control the depth and rhythm. Best part is after trying that out I have not been in pain in any position since.
  • I tried it before and it didn't feel too good. I think I'll try it again now and see how that goes.
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  • Oh hey, we don't know you but let's talk sex.

    At least buy me dinner first. Or say hi?
  • I hated having sex after baby. It hurts like crazy, like I'm a virgin again! In no hurry to do it again
  • I haven't even tried yet and my baby is 4 months old. I am TERRIFIED.

  • That's crazy! I'm four months pp too and I thought I was te only one with this issue. We tried to use lube but it doesn't help. Like I'm so focused on trying to enjoy myself but I'm in pain, and I dry up so quick. Hubby barely can last as long as he wants too. It hurts way to much though
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