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40 weeks finally!!

today I'm 40 weeks, hopefully my little bug will decide to grace us with her presence today! The last few days I have lost a lot of "discharge" I thought maybe also my muscus plug but there has been so much that I just don't know. It literally just plops right out as I'm going to the bathroom (tmi sorry) I honestly do not remember doing this with my first so it's a whole new experience for me! Do you lose a lot of discharge at the end? What does that mean? Sorry every time I try looking it up it goes straight to talking about the muscus plug. So no help there !! And of course this weekend we are suppose to get 6-10 inches of snow (probably when my little one will decide to come) hahah hope all you mommies and soon to be mommies are having a great day! (:

Re: 40 weeks finally!!

  • I have been having a lot of mucus discharge as well and I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow. I had my membranes stripped Wednesday and ever since there has been a continuous, stringy, sometimes glob-like mucus every time I use the bathroom. I called my doctor and she said it was normal, that once the mucus gets dislodged your body keeps producing it until birth so unfortunately we have to keep dealing with the grossness until we deliver lol I'm hoping I will go into labor soon but have had no contractions since after they stripped my membranes Wednesday. Good luck! Hope your LO comes soon and y'all get to the hospital safely with all that snow!
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  • Glad it's normal I was starting to worry because there was so much each time!!!

    Just had my "bloody show" this morning! Hoping something kicks in here soon. With my first I started having contractions an hour after words. Nothing so far but a little bit of back pain! Boo!!

    I hope you go into labor soon too!! Let's have us some babies this weekend (: haha thank you very much!!
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