seems like I have no milk??

i just had my 2nd daughter 1.5 weeks ago. I nursed my first daughter for 10 mo, but and a little foggy on how things were in the begging with DD1. I woke up this morning feeling like I had plenty of milk but throughout the day and feedings I feel like my milk has not replenished in time for the later in the day feedings. I've just been letting her nurse because I know that's how I try to increase my supply...right? I have been noticin some leaking so something is still going on.
Another factor here is that I've been sick. My husband talked with dr and I've been taking some alkaseltzer (sp?) cold medicine I'm just hoping this didn't affect my milk supply.
Experience or thoughts??

Re: seems like I have no milk??

  • Trust your body, it's still learning how much your LO needs so that it can make the right amount. I have a 12 week old and felt the same way the first 3-4 weeks but then everything evened out. I also saw a lactaction consultant and she said with your 2nd baby your body is more efficient and is much less likely to have an oversupply like they tend to do with first babies.
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