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21 weeks and no kicks

getting worried that I'm at the end of my 21 week and still haven't felt any movement. I am overweight, and that probably plays a part, but all the books and apps say I should be feeling him by now.

Should I be worried?

Re: 21 weeks and no kicks

  • You may also have an anterior placenta which cushions the kicks. I do, and didn't feel kicks until 21 weeks and this is my second pregnancy (so I knew what I was looking for). With my first I felt kicks around 16 weeks.
  • I have an anterior placenta and only started feeling a few light pokes around 23.5 weeks, and started feeling obvious "there is a baby in there moving around" type movements a day or two before 25 weeks. If you have had an anatomical survey, or anatomy scan as some call it, ask your care provider what the radiologist noted about placenta location.
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  • I didn't feel my baby boy kick or move until 22 weeks and no big or noticeable movement until about week 24 am a FTM so maybe I just didn't know what I was looking for
  • I've just read on my notes too I have anterior placenta I felt movement quite late too no wonder asif no one informed me about it x
  • A side note.. At 21 weeks, are you due in May or June??
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