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CD1 - let the fun begin (Again!)

So AF decided to show up today, yay! After the CP I was anxious for it to happen because I really want to get back to trying, especially now that I know I can in fact get pregnant. Some explanation on that is that after DD was born we found out I had retained placenta in my uterus that needed to be cleared out. The Dr was very careful but did say there was a small possibility it could effect our chances of conceiving again since they had to scrape away at the lining so much. So at least I can put my fears to rest on that count. Anyway I'm just happy to be able to start trying again. Hope everyone's Wednesday goes well !!!

Re: CD1 - let the fun begin (Again!)

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    Yay! Glad it came so quickly! My RE NP and my acupuncturist both said a chemical pregnancy is actually highly predictive of a future successful pregnancy in their experiences (which are obviously quite different though my acupuncturist is a fertility acupuncturist). Made me feel better. Good luck this cycle!
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    Glad she made her apperance though I am sorry you had to go through that.
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    Wishing you lots of good luck this cycle!
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    Glad cd1 is here so you can move foreword.

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    All welcome

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    I'm sorry. At least AF is here but it still sucks. Glad you're ready to start again!
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    Yeah for moving on!!!!
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    Glad she showed up and you can hopefully start fresh. Fingers crossed this is your month
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