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40 w + 1 d & everyone in household is sick !!!

Maybe this is the body's way of keeping baby safe while everyone gets over the sickness! Started with my 3 year old coming home from preschool miserable with fever cough & green goober nose- then Grammie ( who is staying with us from out of town to help with new baby) catches it and hers turns into bronchitis ! She's got antibiotics now and my son is feeling better. Just praying everyone can fight this off before we bring a newborn home. As if I wasn't stressed enough abt waiting for baby girl, now we've got germs eveywhere ! Disinfecting , cleaning , praying, sleeping ??

Re: 40 w + 1 d & everyone in household is sick !!!

  • Same here, I'm just hoping to keep baby in until Friday when mil and dh's step dad come to help out. I have basically been trying to think non labor thoughts until we have help. Ds is 2 and doesn't know how to blow his nose or keep from wiping it on me, so I feel like I'm covered in germs!
  • We are in the same boat. Ugh! I am 40 weeks and 2 days now....
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  • That sucks, yo.


  • oh no! hopefully the whole house can recover quickly. That's no fun. I've got some serious allergies going on and hoping this runny nose and congestion clears up quickly but I still have several wks to go.

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