A lurkers intro.

Hi my name is ashley. I had my second child via c-section 11-28-14. We have been going strong ebf for two months, except oversupply issues, and the dry weather is playing hell on my nipples making dry and cracked. He has already gained 5.4 lbs and 2 1/4 inches. When I was finally in recovery my little man knew what to do right away and found the goods himself and latched on. I wish I would of found you girls sooner when I had my first four years ago. I was so down on myself because first I wanted a natural birth but ended up with a c-section. Also I wanted to breastfeed but i completely dried up in the hospital colostrum wasn't coming out nothing was so I was starving my child. I tried later on when my milk did eventually come in but she wanted nothing with my boob she would just scream at me. Later on I found out I was allergic to morphine so I think that was something to blame. Sorry for the length and anything else I'm on mobile. But you girls are awesome with your advice.
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