20 months and night nursing

Hi all, my LO just turned 20 months and for the last 3-4 weeks he has been nursing all.night.long. He eats well and nurses during the day. He also drinks water from his cup throughout the day. We have been co sleeping since he was 7 months and he had been waking maybe once or twice a night before this switch. I tried to see if maybe he wanted more space and have been moving him into his crib but he's still waking crying every hour or two. It's only during the night, he is happy and fine during the day. I had his ears checked just to make sure, all was well. About a week ago his final eye tooth popped through...not sure if this could all be teething related. Anyhow bottom line is he is waking multiple times a night fussy, nursing to a let down (sometimes longer) then rolling over and doing it all over again an hour or two later. I'm a zombie. Just wondering if there is anyone who has seen this happen before...or maybe any ideas about what to do...should I just hang in? He has neutropenia so I personally feel he can use all the milk and antibodies he can get so I'm not in any rush to force a night wean. Just reaching out :) Sorry if it's discombobulated .... I haven't slept in so long ;)

Re: 20 months and night nursing

  • My LO is slightly older 04/30/13 and went through the same thing!  I know it was teething related because it stopped all of a sudden.  She had a double whammy with all four eye teeth, followed by 2 yo molars.  The molars take a long time to break through.  I just rode it out, and she's sleeping like an angel again.  You may want to try Motrin if you are comfortable with using it.  It really seemed to let me get some longer stretches in the beginning of the night before it wore off.  GL!

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  • Thank you so much! His eye teeth all came at the same time pretty much. They are all through so I'm hoping there may be a break before 2 year molars. He's been a tad late on his teeth....we shall see. Thank you so much for the comissration :)
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