Suddenly baby is rejecting one breast

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My baby is 12 weeks old.  Had no issues with breastfeeding.  He took both breasts the same.  Nothing has changed, not even my diet.  But suddenly, he is not taking my right breast.  No idea why.  He's still taking my left breast fine, just not the right for some reason.  Milk production is the same in both.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Suddenly baby is rejecting one breast

  • Sounds like he might be starting a nursing strike, this is very normal and the best way to work through it is to keep offering both breast and pump the breast he is not nursing from well until things go back to normal.  My son did this and it took about 2 weeks until we were back to normal. 
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    I am going through the exact same thing. My baby is 10 weeks old. My right side is the better producing one too, so when she refuses it she gets like 1/3 of what she'd get total. But then she IS sick - caught RSV from my 3yo so I'm hoping it's temporary and due to gunk in the throat.

    After you pump the rejected side, do you give that milk to baby or save and try to make them take the boob?
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  • My left had a slower let down so she would get annoyed and not want to nurse on that side. I tried different positions so that she would at least latch and then I tried offering it second when she wasn't as hungry and was a little more patient with let down. I always offered the left side first motn if she was still sleepy. It ended up always being my lame boob but I was able to keep a decent supply by just keeping at it. I would just keep offering and maybe change positions.
  • it's pretty common and sometimes a phase. my LO would go through phases where she would like the L one for a few days and then the other one weeks later. keep offering both and if LO is entirely rejecting the other would also recommend pumping the untouched one

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  • My LO is six weeks as of two days ago and now she does not like my one breast just for the night time feeding because it comes out too quick I can hear her swallowing and choking on milk. That may be the issue too fast or too slow flow.
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