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Potty Training

difficult, lazy boy.

I am really struggling here.
DS is over the top ready for potty training. He tells me when he's pooping, peeing or when his pants are wet and takes them off when he pees.
if i put him on the toilet he holds everything in until he is taken off and releases in his pants. Or if he says he pooping, he'll hurry up and poop his pants so he doesnt need to sit. It is so frustrating because I have a baby due in March. Did I mention I am coparenting and the dad is lazy and useless as can be as well. Afterall, he still treats DS who is almost 2.5 years old like a newborn

Re: difficult, lazy boy.

  • Put him in underwear.  Couple days of accidents and he'll figure it out.  Mine was like that, same age, and I put her in undies.  Two accidents and she's been almost perfect on the potty since then, with no struggles or complaints at home.  She still doesn't like going in public, I think the big toilets scare her and she doesn't like the potty seat I got to make it more her size.  We'll get there.

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  • My son just turned 3 and we are really trying to potty train. Have had some successes (mostly due to luck I think) but no pees or poops in potty in a couple of days despite taking him every 10-20 minutes. Tried big boy underwear tonight and he pooped in it (not a lot thankfully) but seemed unphased. Told me, "it's ok, it's just an accident". Do I keep using the pull ups or continue to try underwear? I really feel like he's never going to get this.

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  • We're right there with you... Only doing pull-ups at night and panties during day. Ds is getting there but it feels like we'll be in this phase forever. Good luck!
  • I feel your frustration. My son is two and a half and i sit him on the potty every hour but he still goes pee or poop in his pull up or underwear. he tells me all the time he doesn't want to go to the bathroom he just wants his diapers back. i really hope to get him fully potty trained by may because i am due with our second then. i wish there were classes on potty training like there are birthing classes.
  • I don't have any helpful advice as my son is even more behind (he doesn't even communicate when he needs to), but I think that not having conisistency in potty training between parents isn't helping the issue. My son's father also NEVER works with him that it inhibits his progression. I feel like I'm just the mean one who makes him and his dad doesn't at all.  He also treats him basically like a newborn and even gives him bottles and he is almost 3!!!  Try to get his father to be more consistent with training him and it might help (easier said than done, I know LOL).
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