Help needed with my former NICU baby plus intro

I have been lurking around the bump my whole pregnancy and gave birth to my daughter last week on the 20th. I am coming out of hiding because I really need some help and encouragement. DD and I both unfortunately developed chorio during labor and she was born via emergency c section because of that. She was immediately in the NICU until we were released on Saturday evening. The first twenty four hours were rough for both of us with our infection and we couldn't meet until day two. She was fed via bottle in the NICU donated BM she was also fed a very large amount for a baby her age to fight infection about an oz from day one per feeding. BF was extremely important to me but we never got a good latch at the hospital despite seeing three LCs and it was declared she preferred the bottle because it's easier and would eventually learn to latch with a little age and more milk on my end. Our routine at home is now spend first ten minutes of feeding trying to latch. Sometimes she will but only for a few minutes then it's as though she just gives up and refuses, sometimes we struggle and she works herself up so much its not going to happen. Then DH feeds her a bottle from what I pumped last feeding and I pump generally I can get 35-50 ml per pump. I can can keep up with her during the day but at night she seems insatiable and I can't pump enough to keep up so we supplement and she can eat up to 2oz of BM plus formula. There has not been an increase between today and say Friday in what I can pump volume wise. Tonite I am heavily engorged and still pumping only the same amount. I have an appt with another LC Tuesday but in the meantime I am looking for any advice possible, I really did not plan on BF not working for us or of course the circumstances of her delivery....
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