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I have soley breastfed my baby for the last 2 months. Every day he has numerous poops a day. He now had not had a single bowel movement in 48 hours. Ideas? Is this normal at this point, or should I be concerned?
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Re: Bowel Movements- XP

  • I wouldn't be to worried but I would call pedi in the AM to see what they recommend.


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  • My pedi told me that it's normal for breastfeed babies to go longer without a bowel movement as it's easier to digest. She said the longest they have seen a bf baby going with out a bowel movement was 1 week.
    Still double check with you pedi to know when it's a concern but that should be okay.
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  • This happened to my LO at that age. He then transitioned to pooping once, occasionally twice, a day instead of after every meal. Check with your pediatrician but it's probably fine.
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  • Babies are very efficient at digesting breastmilk. My daughter went 11 days once at 3 months without a bowel movement. At that point my pedi had me give her a glycerin supository but she still only averaged 1 bowel movement a week till 6 months when I started solids.
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