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Should I be worried? Gadolinium contrast in my MRI 5dpo when they asked if there was a chance I might be pregnant, I had thought I was 10dpo and that I had completely missed my fertile window this time around. Turns out that I might not have missed it after all. I've googled it and Gad is a teratogenic substance that should definitely be avoided during pregnancy. If I get a BFP, should I be worried? I can't believe I'm actually hoping for AF to arrive so I don't have to worry about what I may have done to my baby.

Re: Should I be worried? Gadolinium contrast in my MRI 5dpo

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    This is a question for your dr.
    Hope all works out ok.

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    @hooligans4 I LOVE that you're the only one that responded to this. You're a good person!
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