Breast milk color

I had to pump today as I was out and about without my LO and it took longer than expected so I pumped when I got full. It's been a while since I pumped because I'm a stay at home/first time mom so I don't have the need to pump really since LO eats and snacks when he wants.

I was a bit shocked at how clear the milk was. Last time I pumped it was a creamy white color and today it was kind of creamy but very watery looking.

I was hoping to see if anyone has insight on what this means. I figured it was mostly water and that worries me and makes me wonder d LO is actually getting any fat when he eats or mostly water.

Re: Breast milk color

  • If you go longer than usual without pumping it's more watery towards the front but as you continue to pump the longer you pump the darker and thicker it will get because the fat is in the back. This is perfectly normal especially if you're going longer between pumping or if you skip the feeding. Usually if you pump for couple ounces the overall color will be that off creamy white shade. With me usually the first oz is almost clear and the other 4-5oz are creamy. As for baby getting the fatty milk just make sure if you're going in between feedings and he's eating again just make sure you're offering the same breast so LO gets the fatty milk until it's time for next feeding and you switch breast.
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