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Recommend your wrap

I'm looking for feedback on different baby wearing methods. I've tried the moby and am not a fan. It's too much fabric and too hot. I have a baby bjorn carrier as well as one that kind of looks like a sling, but isn't. I don't know how to describe it. I would like something comfortable and not hot. Which method do you all prefer?
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Re: Recommend your wrap

  • Ring sling, Tula.. If your on Facebook, there are multiple baby wearing groups
  • I have the Beco Gemini and like it, but it's more of a structured carrier like the Ergo and not a wrap.
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  • I like the ergo but its not for small newborns, I got it when my son hit about 20 lbs and the Bjorn I was given was killing my shoulders.
  • I love my K'tan for the newborn stage.
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  • My husband and I both use a k'tan and we love it! Super comfy and baby almost instantly falls asleep in it.
  • I have a Moby, ergo, and I just picked up a seven sling and a maya wrap (ring sling) from a consignment store. I like the Maya because i can discreetly nurse in it and it seems pretty adjustable for different size kids. The seven is great for newborns, coat me $6 used, you literally throw it over your head and you're ready to go. It's my run downstairs and make coffee wrap.
  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleBunga?ref=s2-header-shopname

    I have a Moby, but I'm thinking about getting one of these. They don't come in sizes though. Think that matters?
  • LO loves the K'Tan right now. I wear it around the house and the couple times we've gone in restaurants.

    I've got a Boba 4G as well but I haven't tried it out yet even though it has an infant insert.

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  • I have a solly baby wrap. Similar to the money, but jersey cotton and very breathable
  • I like our Moby, but it does get hot sometimes. We have an Ergo that I've always liked, but haven't tried it with an infant yet. Just ordered the infant insert though, so I plan to try it soon because it's so much easier to put on/off when we're out.
  • I think you can try on a ktan at BBB.

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  • Love the infant carrier for the Ergo. Highly recommend!
  • Guess I'm going to try the K'tan. Then maybe a ring. Thanks everyone.
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  • I've got the infant carrier for the ergo, but I'm not sure I'm using it right. I'm really worried he's going to suffocate in there because his head flops forward still. So I keep my hand on his head to make sure he's got air. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...
  • I really like my K'tan. One of my favorite things about it is that it has no buckled or any type of fasteners that I have to mess with behind my back. Another huge plus is that it looks like an infinity scarf when LO isn't in it, I don't have to take it off when I'm feeding or changing him or passing him to a friend ;-)
  • We love our Mai tei for now. I plan on buying a standard tula soon.

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