1 yr 9 mos post weaning, still leaking

I have a 2.5 year old daughter who was BF and weaned around 12/13 months. I leaked small amounts for months afterward, and members of this board let me know that leaking was normal up to a year after weaning.

But now I'm 9 months past that deadline, and despite spending 9 months on regular combo hormonal BC, I'm still leaking drops of milk. I mentioned it to my GYN at my last annual exam last spring, and she squeezed my breast, nothing came out, and said "well, looks like it stopped!" Well, maybe it took a hiatus that day, but it's still happening.

It this something to be concerned about? It doesn't really bother me, I'm just a little freaked out that it hasn't stopped yet. TIA!
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Re: 1 yr 9 mos post weaning, still leaking

  • I had a distinctive let down feeling and then would have leaking a good 6 months past weaning.  It was a little different since I didn't have the leaking the whole basically restarted at that point.  In any event, I went to the doctor fearing the worse, since my mom had breast cancer.  It ended up that my OB indicated it could be caused by an underactive thyroid.  She checked my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and it was high, indicating hypothyroidism.  She then told me to go to my normal doctor, since OBs don't treat thyroid conditions.  I guess the same gland that creates the TSH is also responsible for producing prolactin.  Since the pituitary gland had gone into overdrive producing extra TSH to try and get my thyroid going, it also somehow began producing prolactin causing the leaking.  I would schedule an appt. with my primary to test your thyroid just to be sure.  GL! 

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