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breastfeeding and the flu

I tested positive for the flu, Type A, last night.  I breastfeed my daughter and she will be 6 months next weekend.  Has anyone had the flu and NOT passed it to their LO?  I am looking for some positive stories...I am worried she will get it.

Re: breastfeeding and the flu

  • Have not had it, but I believe you are supposed to continue to breastfeed the baby as you need to continue to pass on the antibodies to help fight it in case they were exposed. Good Luck
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  • I had the stomach flu before and she didn't get it, I think she was a similar age. And this was before I knew she was severely immunocompromised with a congenital disorder. So yay for passing those antibodies! 

    It feels awful to have to nurse through it but I think it's best! I did wash my hands before getting her and tried to avoid breathing on her. You could even wrap a scarf around your face while nursing (sounds crazy, but every little bit helps).
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  • Thanks...I am washing my hands before I handle her and using the medical masks while nursing her etc. I know it's good to continue. I had the stomach bug with my other kids while nursing and they didn't get it...just curious with this lovely flu, Type A...ugh
    thanks, again
  • I had the flu and did not pass it on to my LO. I had to wear a mask and gloves, and it was a pain, but my dr said it was the best for her to get the anitbodies. I hope you feel better soon!

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