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Pregnant after a Loss

The fear has subsided....

Everything went GREAT!!! Baby is measuring in 3 days behind (8w2d) which is no big deal. The are staying with the due date based off of LMP making the LO's arrival August 30th!!! Heartbeat was strong and steady at 161 BPM!!!!!! Sooooooo happy!! My OB said that when she saw my name on the schedule she was hoping all went well because she wouldn’t have been able to handle any bad news! LOVE my OB she is the best!!

She said that they did see something else which she is thinking it is a cyst but could be a vanishing twin...said that she is going to keep an eye on it to be safe which means another u/s at my next appt. unless I have the appt. with the risk dr. before hand to check for possible birth defects.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and comfort!! All of you are angels and have been a huge blessing!!

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