Daily change in supply

Is it just me, or do other mama's notice a difference in supply from day to day? For example, yesterday I started to think my milk dried up overnight. DS was fussier on the breast and my boobs didn't feel full at any point in the day. However, today, it's back to 'normal'.

Is there a reason for these (drastic-- in my mind) changes? We struggled in beginning so any fluctuation makes me worry!

Re: Daily change in supply

  • Well you and I might be the only ones on the planet with that problem but yeah I notice that too. In my case it seems to be directly related to how tired/rested I am. If I manage to swing even a 20 minute nap in the PM I wake up with harder, lumpy boobs (= lots of milk). With no sleep and lots of running around, fussing and wanting to eat every hour.
    I'm sure it fluctuates in all people, but those with sufficient or more abundant supply don't notice. As is, I think I have borderline low supply so I am feeling it pretty acutely. I have a feeling this will be the reason I will stop BFing one day. It's just so stressful and draining - esp having another young child to care for...
  • @harmonicbabe26‌ - I think I'm borderline low supply, as well. Certainly no extra milk to spare over here! I can't correlate the daily change to anything, but I've tried. I also have a toddler to care for, so maybe it's just stress related?
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  • I would agree to increase your water and healthy foods. I noticed the healthier I eat, the richer my milk supply. Continue taking your prenatal vitamin and possibly try fenugreek supplements when supply is still low. My breasts don't always get that full feelings after 9 months of Bf, but I have learned to listen to see if he is drinking/swallowing, instead of focusing on breast size.
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