FTM 10 day old seems to have upset tummy

Last night DH noticed DS seemed to be struggling with pooping. He turns bright red and seems to be pushing really hard. He's been pooping just not nearly as much as the last few days. I don't think I've eaten anything out of the ordinary..he seems so upset, not sure what to do.

Re: FTM 10 day old seems to have upset tummy

  • My LO is now 7mo tha and looking back over all her tummy "troubles" I honestly think much if what babies go through is a normal developing digestion system, but that being said I know it's terrible as a parent to see LO struggling. I you tubes baby belly massage and did it a few times a day. She would frequently would poop shortly after. Others try gas drops, but my pedi said that studies are ahowing probiotic drops actually have better results. Check with your pedi before giving any medications as I'm not a doctor, just a mom who was there months ago. Good luck
  • Thank you, we'll have to try that this morning
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