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Being a momma is amazing when....

I know we all use TB as a place to commiserate and whine when things get tough (past EDDs, cluster feeding, sleepless nights, etc), but I wanted to make a post to remind us about how amazing our journeys are! What has melted your heart recently?

For me, it's all of the sweet snuggles with Baby Girl when she's finished nursing. And, as annoying as it can be, I secretly love the fact that I'm the only one who calms her down when she's upset!

And, AW: I just got my very first real awake SMILE!!!! Yes, it made me cry....

So, what about your baby (inside or out!) is making you smile right now??

Re: Being a momma is amazing when....

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  • I'm also a big fan of the after feeding cuddles. I even love the during feeding, looking for nipple, turtle neck stretch out and swimming arms. It totally obstructs the feeding process but he just looks like a precious little sea turtle.

    I always think he looks like a turtle when he does that move too! So adorable!
  • Still pregnant, but I find it adorable when my girl hiccups... She has been hiccuping a lot! At my last Ultrasound she was hiccuping the entire time. So knowing what it looks like when I feel it is etched in my brain. :3
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    Watching my husband melt when he sees/holds her- or when he says I'm a good mama and I made a beautiful baby-or how he wants to learn how to do everything and already has found how she likes certain things more than others that help her sleep or be comfortable-I cry a lot of tears of joy because I'm so overwhelmed with my love for her, and I love that I know he loves her just as much.
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