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Hi my husband and I are new to the Georgia and I was trying to find some answers about leave from work once I have a the baby. Currently we are trying to concieve but we are thinking about what comes next. I havent found a website that seems to answer our questions completely. We wanted to find out how much time out of work if any does the father get after the baby is delivered? Also what is the average time off for the mom? Any answers will help or if you can direct me to the right place to get the answers that would be appreciated;:)

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    I think each business has individual rules, but federally you have the FMLA that can protect a job up to 12 weeks (assuming you've been at it for at least 1 yr).... 

    You probably want to speak with your HR dept regarding this.

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  • Georgia doesn't have any specific laws around maternity leave or paternity leave. I'm guessing your coming from a state that does, like California or NJ? Agree on advice from abs99 - you'd need to understand coverage offered by your employer(s), typically short term disability or a similar program, as most American companies don't offer any kind of paid parental leave.

    As an example, my employer doesn't use STD, rather, they have a salary continuation program that pays 100% of your salary for 5 weeks after you use 1 week of PTO (during the first week of leave, the elimination period). Any leave above and beyond is unpaid unless I use more PTO. Each company really is different.

    Good luck!!!
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  • Thanks ladies much appericated. :)
  • FMLA is up to 12w if you've been there 12+ months and at least 50 employees. However pay is not required. I strongly suggest getting a STD plan!

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