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Pregnant after a Loss

Ugh! Slight cramping.

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It's so slight but of course. I'm going psycho!!! Anyone else relate?

Re: Ugh! Slight cramping.

  • I did have cramping, called my Doctor and they had me come in. Hope all is well!
  • Some cramping is normal early on, although it's always a good idea to call your doctor with concerns like this. Drinking lots of fluids and putting your feet up will sometimes make it stop.
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  • How far along are you? I've had some slight twinges throughout my pregnancy as my uterus grows, and what felt more like cramps at the beginning (first ten weeks). As pblge said, drinking more water helped, as well as taking a break and sitting down. 
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  • I had severe cramping till Week 18. Felt like I would start my period anytime. I'm now 31 weeks and the cramping has stopped
  • I have had light menstraul like cramping since six weeks and at least once or twice a week now at nearly eighteen weeks. For me it's more times then not due to slight or sometimes not so slight constipation. Once I clear out my system it will go away for a few days or until I'm a bit backed up again. I also highly recommend lots of water!!
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  • PgAL and cramping is such a mind fuck. Sorry it's upsetting you, I'm sure you are find. ((Hugs))

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  • I am 6w6d and have had cramping like my period was going to start for at least the last 4 weeks so probably since implantation started. I had an ultrasound this past Monday and baby is looking good.Saw the baby and yolk sac along with a heartbeat of 130. And yes I am still nervous, I have had 3 miscarriages so I am worried about everything. I have realized that yes, I am constipated all the time so that is causing cramping and bloat, and that cramping early on is normal. The uterus is growing. Call your doctor, I called mine, talked to the nurse and she told me not to worry too much. If I start bleeding go to the hospital. But so far everything is fine. 
    I know it's hard to not relive our past experience, but remember this is a new pregnancy, God willing all will be okay.
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  • I had cramps till I was about 18 weeks bad ones like I was about to start my period any day. I'm now 32 weeks
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