A note from Naria — The Bump
3rd Trimester

A note from Naria

Today with NO warning, the moderators who rode out the storm of the last week were told their services are no longer necessary, as XO group will be replacing the volunteer moderators with “paid moderators” (read: staff) to help the community grow. 

Mark my word, these “moderators” will NOT care about the Infertility and Loss communities. They don’t understand what it is like, they have not walked this road. They are just there to punch buttons and click things for their 8 hours a day and then leave it all when they go home. They are not invested in me, or in you, or in anything other than a paycheck. 

All that said, I know that many of you have been hesitant to jump ship. I wanted to invite you once more to join us on the dark side at **** where the admins respond to our questions, and where the motivation to foster a community is truly altruistic and not simply the motivation to bring home a paycheck. 

I do hope that you will consider relocating your community to the proboards- TheBump is not what made this community. Each and every one of you are. And that community won’t change simply because the URL at the top of your browser did. 

So come join the Bad Apple family.

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