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Grocery list (part 2)

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So, after you've made your list, what do you do with it?

Grocery list (part 2) 36 votes

Paper copy, folded in my pocket
13% 5 votes
Paper copy, folded in my purse/diaper bag
27% 10 votes
Paper copy, not folded, in my hand (I'd lose it if I folded it)
8% 3 votes
Phone, in my pocket/purse/diaper bag
38% 14 votes
Tablet, purse/diaper bag
0% 0 votes
I leave it on the counter/table then try to remember what's on it
5% 2 votes
I don't make a list, I just buy what tickles my fancy
2% 1 vote
SS - something else
2% 1 vote

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