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Grocery list (part 1)

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Where do you 'usually' make your grocery list?

*I'm sure we all have that one time where we did it differently, but what's your usual habit?*

Grocery list (part 1) 57 votes

Pencil & loose paper/scrap paper
5% 3 votes
Pencil & notebook/notepad
1% 1 vote
Pen & loose paper/scrap paper
12% 7 votes
Pen & notebook/notepad
29% 17 votes
38% 22 votes
Computer/laptop then print
3% 2 votes
I'm supposed to make a list?
3% 2 votes
SS - something else
5% 3 votes

Re: Grocery list (part 1)

  • I make my list as we run out of things and as I menu plan. Then I rewrite it in order of the aisles in the store :)
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  • katka512 said:

    I make my list as we run out of things and as I menu plan. Then I rewrite it in order of the aisles in the store :)


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  • My list is usually on my phone.
    Occasionally on paper, but I often forget the paper list at home.

    I have made my list based on aisles, but it can vary store to store so I do general groupings like meat, produce, dairy/frozen, regular grocery, international, household/cleaning.

  • Post it note usually so I don't lose it and it sticks to the counter
  • Sometimes I type in a text to Dh and then when it's close to his end of his shift I hit send
  • I used to write it on scrap paper until I discovered an app for it.  Much easier.
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  • We have an app called Grocery IQ and love it!! You can scan barcodes of things you run out of, manually type in your list, puts things in categories, and syncs to hubby's phone and vice versa!!
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