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baby girl has painful constipation, help!

My baby girl is just about to hit her  1st birthday, and in the past few months she's been getting constipate.  She strains to poop and sometimes even cries as she does it.  It gets bad enough that we have to peddle her feet or massage her belly to get her to do it, and it's like she's giving birth.
Yesterday was her first poop in 2 days and she cried and screamed the whole time.  It was very hard and I can tell she didn't get it all out, she's still straining and gassy and normally has a telltale "explosive poop" after she's been constipated for a few days.
We've tried the infant glycerin suppositories, but only twice when she was painfully backed up.
We've done warm prune juice, pear juice, cut out all rice, wheat, and bananas, been keeping her hydrated as much as possible and done everything I can think of.

I hear constipation is normal when babies first transition to solid foods, but I can't imagine it's this painful!  Im a first time mom and Im not sure what to do 

Re: baby girl has painful constipation, help!

  • Apple juice works for my daughter. Also lots of blueberries. I think if she is really bad you may just want to call her Pedi to get some relief soon. 

    If she will eat puree's get her to eat a thing of prunes. For my youngest I keep prunes on hand and give him some every few days to keep him regular. I don't want to start juice with him if the prunes work. 

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  • Feed her prunes. That always gets things going.

    I always was sure to feed any "p" fruits every day: prunes, pears, peaches. They help move things along.
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  • Ive tried juices and prunes.  Her doctor suggested a tsp of mineral oil in her food twice a day for 3 days and tylonol for her anal fissure, but if she doesn't get relief by Friday they will "manually dislodge the blockage"

    I'm told this is actually common when they first transition to solid foods, although her doctor says she does seem to be "withholding" which can lead to bad habits.
    Poor little baby Sunshine is just not comfortable and I wish I could help
  • We had to deal with a rectal tear from too solid poops after we started solids. The pediatrician recommended pear juice and it worked like a charm to loosen everything else. You said you tried juices, but if you haven't tried pear juice, then I would give it a shot.

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  • Blueberries

    Warm water with a tiny bit of apple juice or pear juice.

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  • I'm not sure if she's old enough but we use miralax when our ds gets constipated. He's 3 but I can't remember when we started using it. Juice and fruit just were not helping enough. Ask your ped to see if this is an option.
  • We use pear juice for constipation and if that does not work white grape juice always does the trick.
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    Prune juice works for my DD who is 9mo. We also offer her 1-2oz water during every solid feed (per our ped). I do know a little one who had it worse and was withholding, and ended up having to take a laxative drink of some sort. I hope your LO gets better soon!
  • Prune puree
    Pear juice
    Apple juice

    We've also had to use Miralax once when she was a bit older (under doctor's advice). Hope your baby feels better soon. I know how tough it can be!
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  • I religiously rub my DS's belly at night as he has an issue with constipation ever sense he was 4 months old. our doc told us to give him oats which helped (he now has them every day). he also said that the prune baby food you buy in the store is no good and to just mash up actual prunes... because the prepackaged puree doesn't have enough of what ever it is that prunes have that make you poop (I know the name just have prego mommy brain and am to tired to look it up) but with all that being said when you rub the tummy make sure you do it clock wise (im sure you already know this just making sure for others) cause if you rub it counter clock wise it will actually create more of a block... giving them mineral oil is kinda scary to me... haven't heard of that one I've heard of a doc recommending other oils but never mineral oil....

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  • I disagree about prune baby food not being good... For my LO. Even a tablespoon of prunes is enough for at least 3 quick explosive poops, that stuff is amazing? Plum brand prunes are our fave.
  • I would suggest some plum, I gave him a well washed plum and it did the trick, also try laying your baby flat on her back, lift her knees upto her belly, then straighten them up, keep doing this a couple of times and it might work, at least it did for my son when he was very young.
  • Did she just start solids?  My daughter started at 6 mos and was constipated on and off for almost a month.  She cried & really struggled.  It may just take time for her to adjust.  Maybe trying too many foods at once contributes.  
    For us, I found that having baby cereal wasn't an issue if we mixed applesauce & a bit of prune juice in every time.  I also mix pear puree with almost everything she eats.  To be honest though, I'm not sure our tricks worked or if she just needed to adjust and then it was smooth sailing.  Some kids need prune juice everyday to stay regular.  
    Good luck mama.. hopefully it's just an adjustment issue.
  • Plums!! Our 10 mo has been "laboring " to push out very hard poos lately too. We made him some fresh plum purée and fed it to him for breakfast with yogurt and he had the biggest poop of his life the very next day! Softened them up, too. Good luck, the poor little thing , no fun!
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    Our baby boy had a very difficult time after starting solids and we tried everything. The doctor said cut out cereal and add some coconut oil to his food and he is MUCH better now. We also give him pureed prunes once a day and keep him hydrated.
  • Poor baby!  Apple juice has worked for us in the past.  I hope she finds some relief!
  • My daughter gets constipated easily. Things that I do are:
    1) She gets a yogurt everyday now that she is older
    2) Pear/Mango puree for breakfast everyday when she was first eating solids (she still gets it occasionally)
    3) Probiotic drops
    4) Prune/apple juice if nothing else is working but I find it makes her crazy gassy
    5) Avoid apples, bananas and cheese. 
  • Poor baby :(

    My LO struggles with constipation unless she has 2 tablespoons of prune purée a day. If prunes didn't work I would suggest offering her more. If I give my LO 1 tablespoon it doesn't work. If I give her an entire jar of it she has 3 poopslposions that day. It was kind of a guessing game on how much to give her for a little while. We discussed constipation with her doctor and she said to try prunes or plums and if that didn't work to try Miralax. I hope your sweet babe feels better soon!
  • I used to have to put prune juice in his bottles. I would use it instead of water when mixing his formula. Worked most of the time. Also a rectal thermometer helps. Just take her temp, sometimes the stimulation will get things going. 
    I didn't buy the baby juices I used full on prune juice or pear juice. Stick with the P foods pear purée was great along with the prune juice. 
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