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Meal Plan Monday

I actually threw some last minute planning together...still trying to get back into the groove of balancing work and home life. Here's what I have planned:

Tonight was ribs, which we have plenty left over for another night,
Roasted chicken and veggies,
Unstuffed bell peppers,
Hoisin chicken legs with rice or spring rolls,
Breakfast for dinner,

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Re: Meal Plan Monday

  • Monday: Corn chowder
    Tuesday Minestrone soup with garlic bread
    Wednesday: either turkey tacos or some type of mexican casserole if I can find a recipe I like with the stuff I have. Any suggestions?
    Thursday: Leftovers...I am out that night
    Friday probably out
  • Monday: we had muffin tin quiche and fried red potatoes

    Tuesday: Slow cooker beef short ribs in homemade BBQ sauce, corn, smashed reds with butter

    Wednesday: Stuffed green peppers and probably rice

    Thursday: Flank steak and salad, probably ceasar because thats the only dressing that this baby will allow me to eat

    Friday: Probably going out to eat, because thats as far as my shopping went for the week :)

  • Monday: Left Over pizza
    Tuesday: Chicken and steak kabobs with rice
    Wednesday: Grilled chicken sandwiches
    Thursday: Tacos
    Friday: Polish sausage/perogies/salad 
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  • Monday: Potato, mushroom and leek croquettes
    Tuesday: shepherds pie
    Wednesday: dinner at my parents' - beef and biscuit casserole
    Thursday: soup from the freezer?
    Friday: black bean burritos
    Saturday: winging it. Might go out to dinner, DH is headlining two comedy shows that night and my mom is watching DD so I can go, so maybe we'll make a night of it!

  • Last night was baked Ritz cracker & parmesan chicken with steamed broccoli and noodles

    Tonight is chicken stir fry with steamed rice
    Wed - chicken tacos
    Thur - Pasta Fagiole
    Fri - Homemade chicken soup & hot sandwiches
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  • Mon- Popcorn Chicken and oven baked fries

    Tues- Teriyaki Porkchops and broccoli

    Wed- Creamy Italian Chicken

    Thurs- Breakfast for dinner

    Fri- Hoping there will be leftover bacon...Yummy bacon sandwich

  • @pebbleann, we never have any leftover bacon at my house. We use the whole package and it's the first thing gone!


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  • Monday: homemade chicken nuggets on a salad for DH and I and with ketchup and applesauce for DD
    Tuesday: pork tenderloin, green beans and butternut squash
    Wednesday: Skinny Sheperd's Pie
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: Spaghetti and salads
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  • pebbleannpebbleann member
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    draeray said:
    @pebbleann, we never have any leftover bacon at my house. We use the whole package and it's the first thing gone!
    My DH is more of a sausage guy so I'll have to go get some to divert his interests from the bacon. Let there be leftovers!

  • Cresent dogs, Mac n cheese and peas
    Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans
    Meatloaf, egg noodles, carrots
    Homemade pizza, with spinach hidden in the sauce.

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