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Drop then rise in Progesterone Q ... Any experience/insight?

Hi lovely ladies!! I'm pregnant with my 1st baby and over the moon. Of course, dealing with lots of anxiety and nerves too. I got my betas done last week and it caused a panic....they seem to be doing great though, doubling in just a bit over 48 hours. However, I ended up in the ER on Saturday because an idiotic nurse called me Friday and said my progesterone had dropped from 18 to 10 and "my pregnancy could go either way" ... wtf?! I went to the ER to test and the progesterone had gone up to 12.5, they suggested relaxing and not doing anything because it was my first pregnancy (vs taking the progesterone suppositories etc) 

I've heard that as early as I am (was only 4.5 wks at the time) progesterone can be all over the place. Anyone experience this before? 

Worth mentioning that I feel my breast tenderness has significantly decreased. Also worth mentioning i have had no spotting at all.

Below are my #s:

14dpo 257 HCG --- 18 Progesterone

16 dpo 465 HCG --- 10 Progesterone (42 hours between tests)

18 dpo 785 HCG --- 12.5 Progesterone ( 44 hours between tests)

Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Drop then rise in Progesterone Q ... Any experience/insight?

  • My first blood draw at 4w was 154 hcg 11 Progesteone at 5w over 2000 hcg 8.4 Progesteone going for one more blood draw tomorrow to see if Progesteone goes back up my dr said the drop is still in the good range but want to see if goes up on its own if not then they will prescribe some for me
  • Are they bringing you back in to test again?
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  • I haven't heard, I'm in limbo with a really terrible Dr, who is my gyno. I think I should call my OB even though I haven't seen them yet and ask what I should do? My US isnt until 2/9.
  • I would get another OB ASAP.  My last pregnancy my Progesterone dropped to 8 from 17 @ 5weeks.  It wasn't until the following week when I had already started spotting that the doctor gave me progesterone supplements.  By that time, my Prog was 3 and I ended up having a m/c.  I was so annoyed that the doctor did not follow up sooner with supplements, though I feel it wouldnt have mattered anyway, the lack of concern is what got me.  Good luck to you!
  • How'd it go !?
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