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Gift for OB's office? and/or hospital staff?

Did you do anything for your OB's team and/or the hospital nurses? I never have, but we just had our fourth baby at the same hospital and with the same OB. I was thinking of dropping off bagels or something for the OB's office (and possibly also, separately, for the birthing center at the hospital) but is that weird or is that even not allowed? I would love to do something nice for them but not sure what's okay and normal!

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Re: Gift for OB's office? and/or hospital staff?

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    I brought a box of snacks for the nurses and they loved it. I included tea, cocoa, fruit leather, nuts, cookies, granola bars, and gourmet chocolates (and some other things that I forget). I did a mixture of healthy and not. Evidently a lot of nurses don't like homemade food because they don't know the people making it.

    One thing to keep in mind for nurses is that with night shifts their meal timing might be different than yours (e.g., bagels might not make sense at 7am if a nurse just worked all night and is headed to bed).
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    I bought coffee and doughnuts at the hospital the morning I was discharged.
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    I made snack baskets for the hospital nurses, one for day shift and one for night.
    I forgot to bring them when I went in to be induced, but I had to go back a few days later to see the LC and dropped them off in l&d on the way.
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    Nurses love snacks! It is very appreciated when a patient or their family brings in treats.
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    I ordered them a Harry & David's snack tower. They are 50% off at the moment ;)
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    I brought flavored K-cups, good chocolate and gum in a basket for the hospital nurses with a thank-you note and my birth plan included. They were so appreciative and supportive of my wishes! A little goes a long way...
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    I brought cookies to the NICU nurses a week after my son was discharged.
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