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Tantrums and Hitting

My DD can be the sweetest loving little girl you have ever seen.  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.  HOWEVER, when she doesn't get her way she gets quite angry and will throw the normal tantrum, but she will also try and hit me.  Now, I know she is only 10 months old, but she is very smart and it seems as if she knows exactly what she is doing.  Has anyone been dealing with this?  If so, how are you handling it?  I do my best to give a stern face and tell her, "no we don't hit mommy, that isn't nice", but that doesn't faze her at all.

Re: Tantrums and Hitting

  • Give a stern face, look her in the eye, and say no. Then redirect her attention and move yourself out of reach so she can't hit you again.

  • I deal with it daily, but it's my 2 year old, not my 10 month old, so rules are different. He gets a time out and if screaming ensues he goes to his room to calm down.

    My 10 month old tries to steal my phone but only laughs when I take it away. :D

  • My lo does not have tantrums yet,  she will get upset if we tell her know but its more of a whine then onto something else. 


    Good luck

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  • Thanks for the advice, ladies.  I will try holding her hands and giving her the stern face.  The stern face may not work as well, because for some reason it tickles her when I am trying to be serious.  She will just laugh at me.  Silly little girl, lol.
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