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3rd Trimester

weight gain?? babies weight??

So since I've been pregnant I've gained 35 pounds (alot I think) anyways if I've gained that much can you figure out how much the baby weighs? I know they tell you at ultrasounds mines not till Tuesday I'm very curious because my belly isn't even big I'm 33 weeks and I'll be 34 on Monday... what if the baby is small? I barely started taking prenatals so I just hope my baby is healthy and its just hiding somewhere!!


  • Why did you just start taking prenatals?
  • Why do you think your baby is hiding?

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  • Because my stomach is small is that even possible? Or is the baby small?
  • Where is the 35 lbs you claim you gained?

  • I'm 5'9" 110#...super short torso...wear petite on top. Wasn't even noticeably pg with DD until 26 wks. She was born 36w6d at 6#14. I had gained 23#. With the triplets, I gained 49#...they were born 3#6 3#7 3#9. I measured 41 wks for a SINGLETON.
    You r fine


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  • The weight you gain doesn't not equate to baby size. With my first I gained 35 lbs, could not tell I was even pregnant until 36 weeks and had a 9lb baby. With my new LO I gained 63 lbs, was huge from 18 weeks and she was 5lbs. So weight gain is not a good measurement for baby size
  • Weight gain has no indication of baby's size.

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    as PP said weight gain is not an indicator of baby weight - my midwife said they now know that weight gain isn't even an indicator of a healthy pregnancy (unless it's extreme on either end)

    Your dr should be measuring your uterus at every appointment and for most woman it will be + or - one cm for every week you are preg... ie I'm 37 weeks and mine measured 36 at my last appointment.

    I've gained 33lbs and I keep getting told I don't look like i'm 9.5 months preg - but the truth is every woman carries differently so there is no right way to look - if you are concerned about babies size speak to your OB or midwife and i'm sure they can put your mind at ease

    Edit: I said Inches instead of cm - oops... that would be a big belly if it was 36 inches haha

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