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Gerber Soothe Probiotics and Diarrhea

We started DS on the Gerber Soothe probiotics drops about 5 days ago. Today his stool has been pure liquid, looks just like yellow water, and lots of it. Just wondering if any of you that use those drops have experienced the same thing.

Re: Gerber Soothe Probiotics and Diarrhea

  • I think that sounds like it is in the range of normal for a breast fed baby, but it probably wouldn't hurt to check with the pediatrician if you think it is actually diarrhea.

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  • No seeds. My milk already dried up and he is just on formula now. We've been supplementing with it from the beginning. The drops are the only thing new. He only had the one bowel movement that was yellow water and no poops since then. I'm not too concerned right now, just wondering if anyone else experienced that with those drops. Obviously if he continues to have more frequent BM's like that I will call or go in. I didn't give the drops tonight, and will go from there.

    Thank you ladies!

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