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I have a question about the Center for Women's Health office in Colonial Park.  I delivered my first 2 boys at Hershey Med but we recently moved and I had made an appointment to see a midwife at Center for Women's Health (bleeding for 3 weeks) anyway I'm now pregnant with our 3rd and I go on Monday for my appt.  My LMP was Dec 1st and based on everything my due date should be 9/7/15.  I was wondering if anyone has any insight to the office and how things work.  I feel so new at it all because I've never gone here for a pregnancy.  I go on the 19th for my nurse/history appointment and then they said the 26th would be my midwife appt to check the heartbeat.  Will they do a dating u/s at that time as well?  I know sometimes I ovulate late and sometimes my babies measure behind at the beginning so I was just curious.  Thanks :)
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