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Babysitter is losing my babies things..

My 13 month old DS loves his babysitter, she started keeping him when he was 8 weeks old. She seems to really like him, and takes good care of him. My problem is that after my maternity leave was over I felt guilty about having to go back to work so I took my baby out shopping for the day and one thing that I got him was a jacket on sale that would not have been cheap if not for the sale it was size 18 months so he could wear it the following year. It was a Case IH jacket, our family collects old Case tractors so the jacket was special to us.Well time flies and it is the following winter and back in Oct I started letting my son wear the jacket at the end of Nov I went to pick my son up from the baby sitter and she could not find the jacket, the next day she still could not find the jacket.Well 2 weeks latter  and no jacket in  that 2 weeks time I found my son a Case IH shirt he wore it twice the last time was to the sitters house. She cant find the shirt or the jacket. Case IH anything is hard to find here anyway and it is not cheep. It has been 2 months now and still has not found my baby things. I have looked my house over several times and it is not here so where else could it be.... The sitter has a sister that has a little boy a month younger than my son, so I cant help but to think that the sitter gave the jacket and shirt to her. I know I should just suck it up and face the fact that things are gone,but how can things just disappear at the sitters house, if that is the case than how can I let him wear anything to her house that I don't want to lose, I don't want to dress him like a slob.My husband is no help on this so what do you all think I should do? Like I said she is a good babysitter for the most part, but what else is she going to lose. 

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  • I would be finding a new and trustworthy sitter
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  • When he gets picked up does she give you a bag of his dirty clothes? Maybe she took the items but maybe she didn't... It would suck to fire her and find the items later. If you don't trust her find someone new but if you like her I'd try to find a better way to keep track of what he goes to the sitter with and what he comes back with like looking through the bag of soiled clothes and making sure it's all there before you leave. She may have misplaced it too, baby clothes are small and easily lost. Let's hope it turns up.... Good luck!
  • she sends back the dirty clothes, I asked her for the jacket before I left her house, and then again the next day and she said it was around there somewhere. the next week when I asked her she said that she had not seen it around so I started thinking that I brought it home, so I started searching my house but it is not here. when the Case shirt came up missing it seemed odd to me that only those things were gone. I guess since the baby really likes her and she is not hurting him, I will  keep taking him to her. If this happens again I will be finding someone else over the summer.

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